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Crown Dental Care is the best dental hospital in Attapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, India with well equipped Instruments and advance machinery. The clinic is located above tirupathi jewelers, Maruthi Nagar, kishanbagh road, Attapur. Patients can find all types of dental treatments including Root Canal Treatment, wisdom teeth removal, tooth extraction, clips and braces, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, bad breath control, smile desiging and correction, dental implants, teeth sensitivity treatment, dental caps, dental crowns, dental fillings at affordable charges. We provide the highest quality care in a personal and professional environment by utilising the latest technology and advance techniques to provide every patient with best treatment
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Root canal treatment

Purpose: When the tooth decay or the cavity has become deep involving the soft sensitive pulp tissue that is present in the center of the tooth ,the tooth shows symptoms […]

Dental Checkup

It is very important to get regular dental checkup atleast twice a year or every six months to maintain your oral health and get your dental problems identified in its […]

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