Root canal treatment


When the tooth decay or the cavity has become deep involving the soft sensitive pulp tissue that is present in the center of the tooth ,the tooth shows symptoms of pain and discomfort.

Once the infection has reached pulp tissue it is no more reversible and simple filling cannot restore the damaged that has already occured .In such case in order to get rid of tooth pain and discomfort root canal procedure is advised.


Below is a simple photographic explanation of the root canal procedure :

Root canal treatment procedure
Step -1 :

Prophylactic antibiotics : In some cases where there is abscess or cyst formation , doctor will prescribe you antibiotics before the root canal procedure to avoid infection

Step- 2

Anesthesia : The dentist will inject anesthetic solution in order to numb your tooth that has to be treated to avoid pain and discomfort during the procedure

Step – 3

Access Cavity Preparation : In this step dentist will create an opening in the tooth to access the pulp chamber.It is the pathway to the root canal system of the tooth.

Step – 4

Biomechanical Preparation : After making a straight line access cavity preparation doctor will remove the pulp tissue from the pulp chamber and root canal space using mechanical or rotary files.The purpose of BMP is to remove all the soft tissue from the tooth to make the tooth insensitive.To achieve best debridement certain tissue dissolving irrigants are also used called root canal irrigants.

Step – 5

Obturation : After the canals are cleaned and dried completely its time to seal the canals with an impervious and non reactive material. Gutta percha sticks are most commonly used obturating materials in root canal procedure

Gutta Percha cones/sticks

The prepared cavity is filled with a filling material and crown preparation is done on the tooth for dental crown/cap placement.Impression is taken and is sent to the dental lab where they manufacture the dental crown.

Dental crown
Step- 6

Crown Cementation : The dental crown or the cap that lab prepares is fixed to the patients prepared tooth using luting cements and checked for bite and occlusion

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